Effective sign design

Road signs must be easy for passing motorists to comprehend quickly. In most cases, motorists have only a few seconds to glance at the sign and understand its message. Signs must also meet important safety, aesthetic and environmental considerations.

Design for a roadside context

Extensive research by road authorities has determined optimum lettering size, spacing, and the number of words and lines on a sign to suit various traffic speeds, location considerations and to help motorists to understand the sign’s message. The size, style and wording of your sign will be determined by these factors.

Logos are generally unsuitable for use on road signs because they cannot usually be clearly distinguished from a moving vehicle.

Signing officers employed by councils and the road traffic agencies know and understand these requirements. Contact them early to discuss your application for signage.

Providing effective directional advice to clients (Heading in the right direction).

What is the difference between road signs and outdoor advertising signs?

Road signs, including tourist and services signs, are the responsibility of the appropriate road authority. They should not be confused with advertising signs, which are covered by different rules and regulations.