Sign practitioners – information for road authorities and Regional Tourism Organisations

This section provides road authorities and regional/local tourism organisations with information about creating a tourism signing system that communicates with visitors effectively, meets the needs of tourism operators, and protects the amenity of our road reserves.

Visitor navigation is an important part of ensuring that visitors have a positive experience when they come to your area. It is, however, misunderstood and often forgotten by local and regional tourism organisations that have worked hard to attract those visitors in the first place.

Tourist road signing – the challenges

Road signing to tourism attractions and services can be a contentious issue for road authorities.
The cause of the tension is often the absence of clear, fair and equitable guidelines for the tourism industry. There is also a misperception by many operators that signs are promotional tools.

The design and placement of signs rarely considers the needs of visitors. The result is often a clutter of signs that fails to convey the key information a visitor needs to know, and detracts from the amenity of some of the State/Territory’s most scenic and natural assets.

More information for sign practitioners: